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A few words about sea safety

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A few words about sea safety

Posted: August 14, 2019

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The sea around the coastline of Cornwall can be beautifully calm one day and choppy with big waves the next. Our lovely beach in Porthleven is no exception. If you aren’t used to being around these kinds of sea conditions it is worth knowing how to stay safe.

Here are a few tips to keep you safe on the beach:

If you get in trouble – float

The RNLI’s Float to Live campaign has seen a huge success in the UK and saved 100s of lives.

If you get into trouble, float. You won’t get tired and will stay calmer because floating lets us regain control of our breathing which steadies our heartrate.

A word about inflatables

Don’t use them on the ocean! If the wind picks up they can easily blow out into the ocean and before you know it you will be a long way from shore. Keep them for the swimming pool.

If you see someone in trouble – call

If you see someone in trouble call 112 or 999.

Stay safe, know your flags.

You can swim on a lifeguarded beach between the yellow and red flags and surf between the black and white flags. When the red flag is flying, don’t go in the water.

Be sensible.

It may seem safe to be climbing around on the rocks as the tide comes in but the larger waves and easily wash a child or adult into the sea. Be aware.



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